Energy to Matter

We all know matter can be transformed into energy, and even energy can be transformed back into matter. But now, scientists say that it’s possible to use light, obviously a form of energy and transform it into matter, more specifically electrons and positrons, which are anti-electrons.

Something this article doesn’t describe is that the implications could be huge. This could be an easier way to create anti-matter, which means it may have a significantly higher impact to our future!

Anti-matter is a form of matter that is just the opposite of matter. Matter, you might remember from chemistry class, consists of protons, electrons, and neutrons. Anti-matter consists of similar particles, with the opposite attributes. Believe it or not, anti-matter is used in such technologies today, like MRI’s and CAT scanners. However, it could be used in the future for space travel, with a concept known as “anti-matter propulsion systems”, this of course is already known by many Star Trek fans. This technology is only theoretical of course, but could one day be far-reaching than just space travel.


Scientists propose collider that could turn light into matter! | The Verge