Season 3 of The Rockin’ Pop Party returns this Saturday!

Well, we’re well into 2016 and that means it’s time for another season of The Rockin’ Pop Party! This year, you can expect a lot of what you all know and love, plus a whole lot more!

Some of the things to look forward to is a very special ‘Valentines’ episode, where you’ll be able to ask Mz. M all your ‘love’ related questions,  another interview with an independent artist, the 2nd Annual ‘Under the Covers’ Edition of The Rockin’ Pop Party, where we’ll look at more covers of songs that came out before 1980, and so much more!

The new season all starts this Saturday (January 16th, 2016) on Sky 106, where you get variety out of the clear blue sky! Remember, you can catch previous episodes of The Rockin’ Pop Party here. Thanks for reading this announcement, and I look forward to another year of great rock, pop and everything else in between!

My final project in Advanced Audio Production

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share the YouTube video of my ‘Advanced Audio Production’ final project, so I figured I’d share it here. This assignment consists of a 3 minute clip from the movie ‘Plains’, where we eliminated the audio, and did our own dialogue, foley, sound effects and music. In the clip, I play the character Dusty, a crop duster. This project was compiled  by the whole class and each of us were responsible for our own final mix. It was a lot of fun and definitely something I’m proud of. I hope you enjoy it!