The Rockin’ Pop Party – s03e05: 02/13/2016

Season: 03 – Episode: 05,
Length: 02h:57m:38s,

Description: This week was a “Valentine’s Q&A Special”, where Mz. M and I answered all your questions about love, intimacy, romance, relationships and more! You heard Bryan Adams and DJ Sammy go “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” with ‘Heaven’ and “The Rockin’ Hour in History”, playing your favorite oldies. Everything during the show had something to do with either love or loathing of some kind. Not to mention, you heard your requests throughout the show as well. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless though!

Geno J

The Rockin’ Pop Party – s03e04: 02/06/2016

Season: 03 – Episode: 04,
Length: 03h:00m:09s,

Description: You heard a lot of great tunes this week! You heard Adele going “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” against DNCE with ‘Hello’, an announcement about next week’s show, a studio performance of Keith Aubin on guitar recorded in my ‘Music Recording & Mixing Techniques’ class in college, “The Rockin’ Hour in History” and all your requests throughout the entire show. Enjoy!

Geno J

Remember, this coming Saturday, February 12th, is the “Valentines Q&A Special” and I’d love your inquiries! If you’ve got questions about love, intimacy, relationships or anything else, send them to me by email or call me (leave a voicemail) at +1 (978) 410-3020, and me and my special guest, Mz. M will answer them on the air!

The Rockin’ Pop Party – s03e04: 02/06/2016 by Geno J on Mixcloud