The Rockin Pop Party can now be heard as a podcast and is on most your major podcast services!

The Rockin' Pop Party with Geno JThat’s right! You read the subject line correctly folks! Now, you can find “The Rockin’ Pop Party” on your favorite podcast service! No more having to find the show on Mixcloud and figuring out how to get the embedded player or app to work for you! Of course, you still can, but why would you want to?

This means you can get an Amazon device, like an ‘Echo’ or ‘Dot’, or even a Google device, like the ‘Google Home’ to play the latest episode for you! Just simply say; “Play The Rockin’ Pop Party with Geno J on TuneIn!” Don’t have one of these devices? You can find the show on Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn manually or use the links below and subscribe to it, so that you’ll always have the latest episode waiting for you! If all else fails though, you can subscribe to the podcast right here as well!

Google iTunes Stitcher TuneIn