The Rockin’ Pop Party – s07e15: 09/13/2019

Season: 07 – Episode: 15,
Length: 02h:55m:06s,

Description: ThIS was the ‘Under the Covers’ edition of The Rockin’ Pop Party! If you’ve never heard this special edition of the show, you’re in for a treat! Everything featured in the ‘Under the Covers’ edition of The Rockin’ Pop Party combines both the “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” and “The Rockin’ Hour in History” segments. You’ll hear neither of these two segments, but you will be able to enjoy the oldies from “The Rockin’ Hour in History” covered by new artists from the 1980s on up through today! What’s in store for this year? Well, I have an entire HOUR tributing to The Beatles! Oh, there’ll be some good covers and some bad ones throughout the show, but it’s definitely worth catching if you can. That I promise you. Enjoy!

Geno J