Welcome to my new and improved personal website for all things me. This site takes every little piece of my life and puts it all on one little corner of the internet, for the sole purpose of your enjoyment and understanding of who I am.

On my site, you’ll see everything neatly organized. From the fancy navigation bar at the top of the site to the sidebar on the left. You’ll even see show announcements and archived activity on the right-hand side. I hope you find my site accessible, streamlined, and efficient, but most importantly informative!

Nevertheless, there are a couple of points of interest on my site that I’ve strategically placed and hope you’ll visit them all! These pages are fairly straight forward, and function to exactly what the titles of these pages suggest. However, you’ll find other pages buried throughout my site as well.

The first of which is the ‘Shows‘ link. This is where you can hear past episodes of “The Rockin’ Pop Party” found on Mixcloud along with “The Geno J Show” found on my website, and other shows and podcasts!

Other areas of my website include the ‘Links‘ page, where you can find out some of my favorite places on the internet and even current projects I’m associated with. You’ll also find the ‘News‘ link, where I share announcements about everything in my life, the shows, and podcasts I do, and more.

That’s the website though. I do again hope you find your stay here an enjoyable one. If at any time, you wish to get in touch with me, you can always visit my ‘Contact‘ page, and fill out the short form and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

No joke! Hold the apostrophe!