The Rockin’ Pop Party – s04e20: 01/28/2017

Season: 04 – Episode: 20,
Length: 02h:59m:12s,

Description: On the show you heard Pantera go “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” against Avenged Sevenfold with ‘Walk’ this week, great tunes from the 80’s on up through today for the first two hours, “The Rockin’ Hour in History” featuring your favorite oldies from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in the final hour, lots of requests and plenty of friendly banter. I hope you enjoy it and come back again for the next episode!

Geno J

The Rockin’ Pop Party – s04e19: 01/21/2017

Season: 04 – Episode: 19,
Length: 02h:59m:12s,

Description: On this episode you heard Duran Duran go “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” against Adrenaline Mob featuring Lizzy Hale with ‘Come Undone’ for this week, great tunes from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, not to mention your favorite oldies during “The Rockin’ Hour in History” as well. All this, plus your requests and friendly banter! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Geno J

Get ready! The Valentine’s Q&A is 3 weeks away!

Are you tired of being left in the dark with your significant other? Have you tried all these dating sites and have had no luck? Maybe you need to spice up you and your partner’s dating life. If these are questions that need answering in your life, The Rockin’ Pop Party’s 2nd Annual Valentine’s Q&A Special might have the answers you’re looking for!

Join myself and Mz. M as we play your favorite love/hate songs on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 4:00pm Eastern on Sky 106! We’ll answer your tough questions regarding love, relationships and intimacy. Heck, we may even have a few fun games in mind too! It’s definitely an event that you don’t want to miss, this I assure you!

Last year, we had so much fun! Mz. M and I had so many questions, that we weren’t able to get through them all in three hours and I imagine this year will be the same. That being said, if you have questions for us, don’t be shy and send them in! There are a few different ways you can do this. You can always email us your questions, but you can also call the studio line at +1 (978) 410-3020 or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter! Me and Mz. M are looking forward to answering all your questions and hope you’ll join us for all the fun and games during The 2nd Annual Valentine’s Q&A Special, Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 4:00pm Eastern, exclusively on Sky 106, where you get the best variety out of the clear blue sky!

The Rockin’ Pop Party – s04e18: 01/14/2017

Season: 04 – Episode: 18,
Length: 03h:00m:14s,

Description: This was the first episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party for 2017! You heard George Michael go “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” against Limp Bizkit with ‘Faith’ this time around. We played your favorite rock, pop and country tunes of this past year for the first two hours. Then, to wrap up the mid-season premiere of The Rockin’ Pop Party, you heard some modes of transportation themed oldies to keep the fun going! All that, not to mention your requests were all featured in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

Geno J