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Interview with Geno J on In Perspective

Recently, I was interviewed by Bob Branco and Allen Hensel on there podcast called In Perspective. The discussion was primarily focusing on my views on internet radio and other projects I’ve been working on. The podcast is 30 minutes and very informative. Feel free to check it out and other podcasts that Bob and Allen do together!

Check out ‘Branco Events’ here!

The Geno J Show – Episode 079

Episode: 079,
Length: 00h:59m:19s,

The Geno J ShowDescription: On this episode, I sat down with David Hegarty, of Hegarty, an independent artist out of Liverpool, England. Also on this episode, your “Top Stories” with Lisa Brady and the “Tech Trend” focusing on ‘Seeing AI‘ by Microsoft this time around. I hope you enjoy it!

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